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Solar for Rentals

Solar energy is clean energy. It’s also cheaper than grid electricity, but for millions of renters, solar has been out of reach, until now.

Our Service

We created Matter so:

1. Tenants can get cheaper, cleaner electricity.

2. Landlords have an incentive to install solar.

3. Together we can make a difference in the world.

Our Plans

Energy made simple:

1. Tenants save 20% or more a year no matter how cheap their grid electricity plan is.

2. Guaranteed returns for landlords with fixed price tenant plans.

3. Real-time monitoring and online portals so everyone know what's going on.

Our Experience

World-class care:

1. Personalised business cases and advice. Great solar quotes from accredited installers. Our Concierge Service helps landlords understand if solar will work for you.

2. Personalised savings estimates and energy spend reviews. We help tenants understand which plan works for them and how to maximise the benefit of solar.

3. To get the service set-up our team will coordinate everyone involved: landlords, tenants, property managers and installers.

Get a brand new income stream.

We'll get you a business case for your property so you can understand how solar can work on your rental.


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