About Us

We founded Matter to change the energy market and in doing so, change our world for the better.

All around the world, solar is making the way we power our lives cleaner, safer and cheaper. We want to empower millions of people to collaborate and gain energy independence and sustainability for their families and communities.

Our technology means that for the first time, everyone can profit from this efficient power source.

Like all great adventures we can’t do it by ourselves: we work closely with our customers, partners, and other friends to push innovation forward, turning Matter into the online solar sharing platform for the world.

Global Company

Matter is solar made digital. By monitoring solar and battery storage systems in real-time and combining them with an advanced, online billing and payments system we solve the split incentive problem so that for the first time property owners and their tenants can take charge of their energy usage while reducing cost and environmental impacts.

Underlying Technology

There will be 75 billion connected devices by the end of this decade (Source: Morgan Stanley, 2014) and entire industries are about to be transformed by the ability of these objects to interact, understand and influence the physical world.

Our technology enables us to interact, understand and influence devices in the physical world. Our powerful IoT platform has been built to manage the massive computing challenge of connecting, analysing and controlling a world of real-time, connected devices.

Digital Solar utilises the technology and know-how we have gained in IoT and Smart Energy to revolutionise the century-old energy supply model, and literally put the power back in the hands of individuals.