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Electrifying investment in Dual Occupancy

Electrifying investment in Dual Occupancy

Electrifying investment in Dual Occupancy

Property investors can boost their yields even further by earning 4 incomes instead of two. Matter’s Solar for Dual-Occupancy is an Australian first. Landlords can now sell solar power to both tenants through Matter’s service.

We are inventors of ‘Solar for Renters’ a popular service for property investors and tenants – it now works for dual-occupancies like duplexes, town houses, dual key and even granny flats !

So If you are a developer, builder or property investor reach out to Matter and make your property even more cash flow attractive. Use the roof-space of both dwellings to generate more boosting value. Its easy as sharing a pizza – Share the roof.

Instead of power utilities taking all the cream – the tenants pay a reduced rate for solar power made during the day. It’s a win-win.

This can make lots of value for a property investor !

Matter can organise a ‘Solar for Dual Occupancy’ to generate solar power for less than 6 cents/kWh.

With grid electricity being jacked up by 20% again !!!, property investors can provide solar power with great returns. Tenants pay utilities an insane 52 to 30 cents/kWh with the latest hikes.

Talk to a Matter expert for how you can electrify your dual occupancy cash flow.

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