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Introducing a cleaner future for power in rental properties

Introducing a cleaner future for power in rental properties

Do you live in a rental property? Have you ever thought, “I’d love to have solar power”? Or do you own an investment home and wish you could install solar to generate extra income?

Australians have the highest adoption rate of solar power in the world, and with our abundance of sunlight, it’s not hard to understand why. 1/5 home owners have solar installed, but in stark contrast to this, only 1/100 of Australia’s rental properties generate solar power.

It makes sense of course. Why would a landlord invest in a solar system when it only benefits their tenant? And if you rent, you’re not going to invest in the place knowing that you might leave in a year or two.

This means that there are more than 100 million rented homes around the world that currently can’t get access to this cheap, clean power source – at least 500,000 of which are in Australia.

So we thought, what if landlords and tenants could share the sun? How can we make it possible for property owners around the world to invest in solar and make a return by supplying their tenants with cheaper, cleaner power?

We like to call our bright idea Digital Solar and it’s pretty exciting. For the first time landlords and tenants can work together to become energy independent and energy efficient.

By monitoring the output of the solar in real-time and automatically generating a bill for the energy produced, our Digital Solar service enables landlords to become like a mini-utility. Most properties can expect to earn five times the cost of the panels and save tenants on average 20% off their energy bills or $300 annually.

Landlords earn a new income on their investment properties. Tenants enjoy cheaper, cleaner and more efficient energy.  Everybody wins!

We hope that by pioneering the shift from ownership to user-ship in the energy industry Matter can empower millions of people who want to adopt sustainable energy but currently don’t have that option.   

Welcome to Digital Solar, clean, cheap energy for everyone.

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