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Kick starting a community of solar renters

Kick starting a community of solar renters

Digital Solar was created to open up solar to everyone that lives in rental properties. Landlords install the panels, tenants buy clean power, and every month we automatically calculate the bill for them … at a discount to grid electricity prices of course.

It’s a quiet revolution — people using real-time digital technology to share solar for the first time, an entirely new way for tenants to get clean, cheaper power in rental properties without investing in panels by sharing their landlord’s asset.

We do more. We don’t just bill solar. We work with landlords, tenants and installers to get systems set up. We know whether the panels are working as they should. And we help tenants and landlords understand how they’ve benefited. We know exactly what it means to create a Digital Solar home.

So today we’re introducing Hana, the world’s first online platform for facilitating the move to shared-solar in rental properties.

Hana helps landlords and tenants to share solar

We’re all busier than ever and we’re used to getting products and services on-demand. But choosing to install solar on an owner-occupied home is complex enough without the additional considerations that come with investment properties.

To make it easy, landlords and tenants need to have access to detailed information to understand the benefits, and these two people, who most likely don’t know each other, need a way to share the value created so they both benefit.

How it works

Digital Solar creates value for landlords and tenants by displacing expensive daytime electricity with lower cost rooftop solar.

To decide whether Digital Solar is going to work for a particular property and renter, Hana guides a landlord and tenant though a simple online workflow. They collaborate to estimate how much solar power will be consumed, how many panels should be installed, and how to share the value that is created.

Using its knowledge of panel costs, solar production projections, electricity tariffs and the value sharing equation a landlord and tenant agree on, Hana makes sense of the complexity, helping everyone understand the expected installation costs, the number of years it will take to pay back the solar, the return on investment and the tenant’s savings against their grid electricity bill.


Making sharing possible

Sharing a ride into town, a home for the night, or even power tools, has become normal. This shift from ownership to access is creating amazing new services at the expense of traditional business models.

We’re living in a new era of trust, where we’re dealing directly with real people not institutions, relying on them to ‘do the right thing’. Today’s sharing platforms are the glue, facilitating sharing with people who don’t know and most likely don’t have common friends or connections.

Hana isn’t just a workflow; it safeguards the privacy of personal information and helps people cooperate to build a community of shared solar renters.

Investment properties is unique. Tenant’s energy consumption usage is unique. And commissioning solar requires expertise, knowledge and research. It’s about time rental properties had solar and an easy way to make it happen.

So that’s why we’ve launched. Hana. Everything we think is most important to decide whether Digital Solar works for a landlord and a tenant, customised to their specific needs and enabled online.

To see whether solar will work on your property try Hana here >

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