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Supercharge your yields

Earn a 214% return on investment by supplying solar to your tenants*


Projected Value

25 yr

Income Stream




Return on Investment

4.3 yr


*There aren't too many guarantees in life but a 214% return on investment is achievable if energy prices continue to rise at 8% a year (which they have done for the last 10 years). This is based on a residential property in Queensland. Get a business case to find out how it all works.

Beat the utilities at their own game

The price of solar is now so low that you can deliver electricity from your roof to your tenants, at a price that utilities can’t match. As a Matter landlord, your cost to deliver power will be fixed for the 25-year life of the solar system. So whilst electricity prices keep getting hiked up, you’ll be able to increase your income and still deliver big savings to your tenant.

Projected wealth created

A new investment asset class

Supercharge yields by offsetting property loan interest

Maximise the return on your rental with a solar income automatically billed to your tenants. And by depositing your solar payments straight into your home loan we can accelerate its repayment and reduce the total interest paid.

Fixed price.

Guaranteed returns.

Our world first Unlimited Energy Plan means your tenants pay you a fixed income every month for the duration of their lease giving you a guaranteed income.

Digital Solar™

Without a way to easily and accurately bill a tenant, solar just hasn't made sense for investment properties. Enter Matter, the first technology to let landlords charge for solar power. Matter knows what’s being consumed and what’s fed back to the grid. For the first time, you can turn your roof into a money making machine.

Need finance?

Matter has teamed up with Ratesetter to offer gimmick free finance to property investors.

We make it easy to get started

1. Get a quote

We find the best system for your property at the best price. Signing your quote locks in the price but we won't proceed with an install unless your tenant signs up.

2. On-board tenant

With a competitive solar price locked in our Concierge team will contact your tenant to find out their current usage and energy rate. With this information we can build a solar plan. Then we'll get your approval and sign your tenant up for cheaper, clean power. 

3. Install system

Solar installation typically happens 4-6 weeks after you sign your quote. We'll coordinate the install with your property manager and tenant. Getting the solar panels and Matter smartbox set up takes just a few hours.

Get a brand new income stream.

We'll get you a business case for your property so you can understand how solar can work on your rental.


How do I make money from solar?

Most rental properties don’t have solar for the simple fact that it’s been hard to monetise a solar system on an investment property in a way that’s transparent and fair to your renter.

Our Matter smartbox and meters make sure your tenants are charged for the solar they use at the price that Matter agrees with them on your behalf (typically 20% less than their grid bill).

Any solar electricity that isn’t used will be exported back to the grid – we normally share the value of the exported electricity with tenants and add this into the tenant’s monthly bill.

And at night (or during the day if the tenant uses a lot of power) they’ll Import electricity from the grid and be charged by their grid electricity provider as normal.

Once you’ve installed a solar system your cost to deliver power will be fixed. So whilst electricity prices keep getting hiked up, you’ll be able to increase the price you charge your tenants but still beat the grid utilities. Over the 25-year lifetime of the system you’ll earn a tidy return on your investment.

How do I know if my property is suitable?

Working out if Matter’s solar service is viable for you will depend on a few things about your property, its tenants and their lifestyles.

Electricity usage in your property

The tenants’ current consumption and usage patterns will act as a good guide to the size of the solar system you will need. Daytime energy use, like running air conditioners, will see the best returns from Matter’s solar service. You (or your property manager) should ask the tenant for a copy of a recent electricity bill to make an accurate assessment

The property’s location

Yes, location matters. The sun shines differently in different places, so you will need fewer solar panels for the same energy output in a sunny part of the country compared with a more cloudy location. Simply put, the same systems installed in Brisbane and Melbourne will produce different outputs and earn different returns.

Orientation, design and shading

This affects the design of the system you’re likely to need. Australia, being in the southern hemisphere, experiences a sun that is predominantly coming at us from the north. There is of course deviance throughout the seasons, but ideally solar panels should be facing as close to true north as possible to reduce the impact that the winter seasons have on energy yields. Your solar designer will be able to advise you if you need to do anything special for your system.

Type of building

Right now we’re focused on rolling out Matter to detached, semi-detached and terraced houses but will soon support commercial properties, mixed residential and commercial properties and multi-tenant sites. If you have one of these properties in mind drop an email to us and one of our team will get in touch

How do I get paid?

On your behalf Matter emails your tenant with a monthly invoice for the solar energy they have consumed, and collects payment from them by Direct Debit.

If you request that payments be sent to your property manager we will remit them at the end of each month (less Matter’s subscription fee). Payments not cleared by the end of the month will be sent to your property manager in the subsequent month. You can update us on any change in property management via email.

If you prefer we will remit your Matter payments to a bank account you nominate via PayPal, direct deposit or other payment methods, as described on our website. These payments will be remitted at the end of each month for each property. Payments not cleared by the end of the month will be remitted in the subsequent month.


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