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Build your rent roll with a win-win proposition
for both tenants and landlords.


Matter’s solar service creates a new income stream for property investors
and makes rental properties more attractive to tenants. Learn more.

Matter’s solar service

Solar energy is clean energy. It’s also cheaper than grid
electricity, but for millions of renters, solar has been out of reach until now. Matter’s technology meters solar energy use allowing landlords to sell solar power to their tenants. Renters’ daytime energy bills are slashed and landlords enjoy a brand new revenue stream from their investment property.

Everyone wins

Happy tenant

Tenants buy solar power from their landlord at a cheaper rate than what they pay for grid electricity.


The landlord invests in solar panels and sells solar power to their tenant, creating a new revenue stream from their investment property.

Everything made easy

We arrange installation of the solar panels and Matter's technology, meter the solar electricity, bill the tenant and transfer payment to the landlord.

Our partners Matter

Our partners are important to us and we know your clients mean everything to you. We designed the Matter Property Manager Program to help you grow your agency and build rewarding relationships with your clients.



With Matter you have a unique point of difference.

Matter sets you apart from your competitors.

World leading technology and service innovation means you can offer clients a new value proposition, and a new revenue stream.

By offering additional value to both clients and tenants, Matter can help you to attract new business, retain current clients and keep vacancy rates to a minimum.
With Matter, you work smarter, not harder.


Innovation is key to remaining competitive.

Your industry is changing driven by new business models and technology.

Matter understand your needs and the market and offer a service that helps grow your rent roll, retain existing managements & open up new revenue streams.

And best of all, it is a fully automated, utility grade service. Matter takes care of everything from campaigning, through to sales and ongoing automated customer servicing.



Matter engages in direct marketing.

We assign you a dedicated Account Manager, that will assist with campaign set up and delivery.
We deliver co-branded email campaigns and digital marketing assets as well as fliers and brochures to share the opportunity and promote the benefits of the service to both your clients and tenants, helping to boost your brand value.

We provide ongoing reports on the success of your campaigns and continually optimise to ensure the best results for your brand.

Our agency partners

Prove to your clients you're a progressive agent.

A handful of frequent questions and our answers


What makes a property suitable for Matter?

Working out if Matter’s solar service is viable for a property will depend on a few things about the property, its tenants and their lifestyles.

Electricity usage in the property

The tenants’ current consumption and usage patterns will act as a good guide to the size of the solar system needed. Daytime energy use will see the best returns from Matter’s solar service.

The property’s location

Yes, location matters. The sun shines differently in different places, so fewer solar panels will be needed for the same energy output in a sunny part of the country compared with a more cloudy location. Simply put, the same systems installed in Brisbane and Melbourne will produce different outputs and earn different returns.

Orientation, design and shading

This affects the design of the system that is likely to be needed. Large north facing roofs (in the Southern Hemisphere) with 15-35 degree pitch and no shade are the best for solar.

Type of building

Right now we’re focused on rolling out Matter to detached, semi-detached and terraced houses but will soon support commercial properties, mixed residential and commercial properties and multi-tenant sites.

What if solar panels are already installed on the property?

Great! We’ll just need to get Matter’s smartbox and monitoring technology installed and get the tenant signed up to buy solar power from their landlord.




Will the tenant still need a grid electricity supply?

Yes, because solar only generates electricity during the day, and the amount generated is dependent on the weather, the tenant will still need a grid electricity supply to cover their evening and additional daytime needs.

What happens if a tenant doesn’t pay on time?

Matter collects payments by Direct Debit to minimise late payment. If an invoice remains unpaid for more than 21 days, we will issue a late payment notice and contact the tenant. Whilst bills remain unpaid we may charge increased rates until the tenant’s account is brought up to date.

If the account remains unpaid for three consecutive months we can take the following steps:

– Disconnect the solar power (to be reconnected only once the outstanding amount is paid in full)

– Terminate the solar service agreement with the tenant if they do not make payment in full within 21 business days of a notice.