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We built Matter so we, and Australia's 2,100,000 renters can get solar and a better energy experience.

The energy market is broken.

We want to fix it.


Electricity prices have gone up 8% every year for the last 10 years. They just went up a massive 20%.


There are 2.1 million Australian families that rent but who don't have access to the cheapest, cleanest source of electricity: solar.


We offer simple, low cost solar plans to renters to help offset rising energy prices. We do this with the help of landlords that want to make a difference.


And smarter.

Like a lot of us, Jenny lives in a rental. Her electricity bill last year was almost $1800. It just went up 20% on the back of price rises.

Her landlord Martin installed a 5kW solar system on the roof and with Matter's help set Jenny's solar tariff so she can save against her grid bill. 

The Matter portal shows Jenny what she's spending on grid electricity and how much solar she's using.

Jenny has figured out that by shifting some of her electricity use to use solar power during the day, she saves even more.

Jenny saves $300 a year off her electricity bill. And Martin will pay off his solar system and increase the yield on his investment property.

What's different about us?

Simple plans

Our plans are clear and simple. One price, set lower than the tenant's grid rate so they always save and our landlords make a fair return.

Concierge service

We’ve reinvented customer service for the solar industry; landlords get a property assessment and personalised business case plus a competitive quote from an accredited solar installer. Our Concierge service on boards tenants, communicates with property managers and brings it all together to get Solar for Rentals set-up and working.

We're not a utility

We've developed innovative technology that makes it easy for tenants and landlords to share solar. With some extra smarts thrown in, our aim is to help tenants use less grid electricity and to reduce their bills.

Get a brand new income stream.

We'll get you a business case for your property so you can understand how solar can work on your rental.


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