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Tenant FAQs

How does Matter work?

How does Matter work?

How much will I save?

To figure out the amount you’ll save the first thing you will need to do is find out is how much electricity your household uses and how much you pay for it. This information is available from your utility bill.

Once we know that we can figure out what the right size system for your property is and estimate when you consume power. Matter’s solar service is a great match for tenants that consume a reasonable amount of electricity during sunlight hours.

Will I still need a grid electricity contract?

Yes, because solar only generates electricity during the day, and the amount generated is dependent on the weather, you will still need a grid electricity supply to cover your evening and additional daytime needs.

You should be aware that the solar power to the premises is not the primary source of energy:

  • the solar power offsets part of the energy supplied by your energy retailer and the remainder of the energy is supplied by the grid;
  • due to the nature of solar power, neither Matter nor your landlord guarantee continuous solar energy supply to the premises; and
  • loss of solar power supply will not interfere with your access to grid electricity.
How do I know when I am consuming grid electricity and not solar electricity?

When you log into your Matter portal you will get a real-time view of how much energy is being consumed at your rental property and the split between solar energy and grid power updated every 30 mins.

The Matter portal also forecasts what you are likely to consume for the rest of the day based on your typical usage patterns, the weather forecast for your location and the forecast production from the solar panels.

You can also look at historic data to see how you’ve done since you moved in.

How does Matter monitor the system for maintenance and billing?

Matter remotely monitors the solar production and energy consumption on the premises for the purposes of billing, user support, error correction and maintenance.

Our smartbox has an 4G SIM card built in to send usage data securely back to our cloud. All you need to do is make sure that there is constant power to it.

In the unlikely event of the solar system or our hardware failing during daylight hours, your electricity will be temporarily sourced from the grid until the system is repaired. Matter will alert the property owner and/or property manager.

Can I get this on my apartment?

Right now we’re focused on rolling out Matter’s solar for rentals service to detached, semi-detached, terraced houses and dual-occupancy properties but will soon support mixed residential and multi-tenant sites. An easy way to think about it is "does my rental property have its own roof?" If yes this is perfect for Solar for Rentals.

If you live in a mixed residential or multi-tenant rental property with a shared roof the site will need to be assessed further to see if Solar is viable. Please email our team with your enquiry and address. Email us.

Paying your bills

How is my bill calculated?

Once the solar system has been commissioned and you’ve started using solar electricity at your rental property, we’ll bill you on behalf of your landlord. Your landlord pays a subscription fee for the monitoring and billing – all you pay for is the solar power you've used.

You’ll be billed in arrears each calendar month from the date that you moved in. For new installs you’ll be billed one calendar month after the system goes live.

Your Matter solar service bill is calculated by multiplying the kilowatt hours of solar you consumed in the previous month, by the rate (c/kWh) agreed with your landlord when you signed up.

We’ll email you your latest bill. Your past and current invoices will also be readily available in your Matter online portal.

You can check the bill from your energy retailer against the grid electricity bill estimate on your Matter dashboard.

What information will my bill contain?

Matter’s solar service bill contains all the information you would expect to see on a normal electricity bill including:

  • Your name
  • Your address.
  • The date that the bill was issued
  • The pay-by date for the bill
  • The billing period
  • Date of the current meter readings
  • Current meter readings
  • The amount of energy consumed from the solar panels
  • Previous payments you’ve made against your account
How do I pay my bill?

With Matter, you pay your bill by Direct Debit, either via your bank or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express). This keeps processing costs down for you and your landlord.

What happens if I move out?

If you plan to terminate your lease and move out of your property, let us know and we will produce a final bill for you.

Payment difficulties

Payment of processing errors

We will notify tenants within 10 Business Days of becoming aware of any overcharging and take the following steps to rectify any known payment processing errors as follows:

If the amount overcharged is $25 or more

If the amount overcharged is $25 or more we will either:

  • refund the amount (if requested by the tenant or if your solar service agreement has been terminated); or
  • credit the amount to the tenant’s next invoice;

If the amount overcharged is less than $25

If the amount overcharged is less than $25, we will credit the Tenant’s next invoice.


If a tenant is undercharged, we will recover the amount undercharged and:

  • if the undercharging is a result of the tenant’s fault or unlawful act or omission, we may recover the amount undercharged up to 9 months prior to the date on which the tenant is notified of the undercharging; and
  • on the tenant’s request, the tenant may pay the undercharged amount by installments, over a period nominated by the tenant (up to12 months, but no longer than the period of the undercharging).

Repayment as a result of a tenant’s fault

If the overcharging is a result of the tenant’s fault or unlawful act or omission, we will repay the amount overcharged only in the 12 months prior to the date on which the error was discovered.

What happens if I am late with payment or fail to pay?

If you fail to pay your solar service invoice within 21 days:

We will provide you with a late payment notice and notify your property manager (or your landlord directly if they manage the property) so that they can speak with you about the debt. We charge tenants a late payment fee of 7% per annum.

If a tenant fails to pay an account for 3 consecutive months your landlord has the following options:

  1. Disconnect the solar power (and not reconnect it until the outstanding amount is paid in full
  2. Terminate the Digital Solar agreement with the tenant if you do not make payment in full within 21 business days of a notice.

Your landlord, property manager or Matter, may charge tenants fair and reasonable disconnection and reconnection costs.

What happens if I have financial difficulties?

Under the applicable laws tenants have the right to request financial assistance which landlords may provide at their discretion. Available assistance includes:

  1. waiving interest on overdue amounts;
  2. identifying appropriate government concession programs and appropriate financial counselling services; or
  3. requesting that we review the solar service agreement to determine whether it suits the tenant’s needs.

On disconnection of the solar system tenant should be aware that they will be charged the full amount of grid electricity from their licensed energy retailer which will increase their bills.

Please contact your property manager or landlord directly to assist you in handling disconnection, reconnection and financial difficulties.

How do I submit feedback or raise a dispute or complaint?

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