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You don't need to switch to save,

just two-time your energy company.

We offer simple, low cost solar plans to renters to help offset rising grid energy prices. We do this by helping landlords that want to make a difference install solar.

Beat the utilities at their own game

With energy prices as high as they are it's time to get your own back. No matter what you pay for electricity, or how much you use, Matter will help you save on your bills and do your bit for the world by arranging for your landlord to install solar.


$ +

each year

Combining solar panels and Matter’s service means as tenants you can avoid expensive, peak electricity. During the day when the sun is shining you buy solar power from your roof and see a big reduction in your grid bill. You'll still use grid power, just a lot less of it.

The more you use, the more you save

Because your solar service is cheaper than your grid electricity the more you can use, the better off you’ll be. And your Matter portal gives you all the information you need to better understand your energy use and help you maximise your savings.

Fixed price.

Unlimited power.

With Matter Unlimited you get an unlimited amount of daytime electricty produced by the solar system at your rental. Plus, taxes and fees are already included in the price — so what you see is what you pay.

Choosing a plan

Not sure how much you'll use?

Start with Pay-as-you-go. You can even smooth it so you get a flat charge every month that is adjusted for your actual usage. This means you can still save with solar and manage your home’s budget. If Unlimited looks like it'll fit, we'll set you up.


20% off your grid price



$ 25 /week

You don't need to switch to save,

just two-time your energy company.

Give us a few details so we can crunch some numbers, see what system size works and speak to your landlord or property manager. If they like the idea, we'll help to get a solar system installed.


Will I still need a grid electricity account?

Yes, because solar only generates electricity during the day, and the amount generated is dependent on the weather, you will still need a grid electricity supply to cover your evening and additional daytime needs.

You should be aware that the solar power to the premises is not the primary source of energy:

- the solar power offsets part of the energy supplied by your energy retailer and the remainder of the energy is supplied by the grid;

- due to the nature of solar power, neither Matter nor your landlord guarantee continuous solar energy supply to the premises; and

- loss of solar power supply will not interfere with your access to grid electricity.

How is this going to save me money if I have two bills?

Simple, when the sun is shining your home will automatically use cheaper solar electricity, avoiding more expensive grid electricity.

The Matter smartbox and meters make sure you are only charged for the solar you use at the discounted price that Matter agrees with your landlord - typically 20% less than your grid rate.

The more electricity you can use during the day, for example by running your washing machine or clothes dryer, the more you’ll save. You also get access to a Matter tenant portal so you can see what you're spending on grid power and how much solar you're using.

Any solar electricity that isn’t used will be exported back to the grid – we normally share the value of the exported electricity between tenants and landlords.

And at night you’ll import electricity from the grid and be charged by your grid electricity provider as normal – it’ll just be a much smaller bill.

Will this cost me anything to set up?

No, your landlord pays to install the solar system, Matter's monitoring equipment and the service subscription fee.

Obviously this doesn't come cheap so they recover their investment over 5 years or so by charging you, their tenant for the solar energy you use. So instead of using expensive grid energy during the day you can use cheaper cleaner solar energy straight from your roof at a discount to your grid rate so you see savings!


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