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How does Solar for Rentals work?

Before you go solar it's important to understand how solar power works and how it will save you money at your rental property.

1. Sun power

Your landlord pays to install solar panels at no cost to you. Electricity is generated when daylight hits the panels.

2. Cheaper power

You can use the electricity generated at a 20% discount – preventing you from having to purchase grid electricity.

3. Import at night

Import electricity from the grid when additional power is needed.

4. Export excess

Export electricity back to the grid when you don’t use it - you'll get an export credit on your grid bill.

5. Monitor use

Your Matter smartbox and meters will make sure you’re only charged for the solar you use. Using the Matter portal you can see what is produced, what you use and what you save.

Savings for everyone

Simple, low cost solar to help tenants offset rising grid energy prices.

No matter who your energy provider is, with a solar rate of 20% less than grid, you'll always save when the sun is shining.

We don't want to bore you with maths but so you know how you can save with solar here's an example for a typical Brisbane home.

They use 5000 units (kWhs) of grid electricity per year at an average grid rate of 28.6 cents/kWh.

After getting solar installed 40% of their daytime power comes from the panels. They're charged 22.8 cents/kWh, a 20% discount to their grid rate and share a 12 cents/kWh feed-in tariff equally with their landlord. This would save a massive $550 a year!

Choosing a plan

Not sure how much you'll use?

Start with Pay-as-you-go. You can even smooth it so you get a flat charge every month that is adjusted for your actual usage. This means you can still save with solar and manage your home’s budget. If Unlimited looks like it'll fit, we'll set you up.


20% off your grid price



$ 25 /week

You don't need to switch to save,

just two-time your energy company.

Give us a few details so we can crunch some numbers, see what system size works and speak to your landlord or property manager. If they like the idea, we'll help to get a solar system installed.


My energy bill is already low, how is this going to help?

Great, if you've already got a low bill then you're already great at saving - we can help you save more!

How? Having solar on your rental means you can now access cheaper power when its daylight. That means moving some of your electricity usage, like your washing machine or dryer, into the daytime.

And any solar power that you can't use will be exported to the grid - this could amount to a couple of hundred dollars credit on your grid bill, saving you even more.

Am I locked into a contract?

You'll get the benefit of the solar system for the time that you're in your rental. When you leave your solar contract automatically ends.

Do I have to move energy retailers?

No, if you've already got a great rate, you can stay with your existing grid electricity provider. You'll just need to upgrade your existing plan to include a solar export tariff (which pays you for the solar power that isn't used).

If you feel like it's time to change provider then let us know and we'll give you an idea of the best rates for your State.


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